Mid-test, the goods it brought

1:27 AM

The mid-test ended by last Friday and finally we could live in peaceful life ~ngeeek, apasih~

But actually,the mid-test also brought good things for me, or maybe for the others too. Yeah, I never studied that hard before, but in the mid-test I even still kept my eyes alive until the midnight to read some text books. If SMANSA didn't give me the test, I would never understand Chemistry. But I like it now! :D

And also because of the mid-test I found the blog of X-3. There I could find some notes about the lessons we must remember written by M.Irsyad Tawakal and they helped me a lot in the mid-test. You can download it here. But I only uploaded the biology notes. (Actually it's just for my computer task ;p)

I have passed one obstacle and I will find more and more here. I just hope that everything is going to be fine and I can learn many things in the following days :)

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