M. Ilham Alfarisi

6:34 AM

Have I posted about my youngest brother?

His name is Ilham. He is  5 years old now, yeah, TODAY. And I even forget his birthday -,-
I love him; I always love him. Except the parts when he doesn't listen to me, when he forces me to do what he wants me to, when he cries for so long, when..., when..., when... (no, no, it's not actually that many! :p)

Well, yeah, he's so annoying, sometimes. But how can you get annoyed by this kinda cute face?


Hi, little boy! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your kindergarten life, will you? Because if you don't, you will regret it when you're in High School.  Learn a lot, play a lot, EAT A LOT. Kids need more energy, right? I, the greatest sister on Earth, will always wish you the best. See that? :) I LOVE YOU 
P.S: Sorry, no present. Wait till I get some money ok? :) 
If you want to know some facts about my brother, here you are:
1. He really is into puzzle games
2. He uses 'IH' in almost his sentences (I know this is not good at all :/)
3. He hasn't been able to read now
4. He loves to move his body; he loves dancing -,-
5. He is diligent (I'm not sure I'm using the appropriate word to describe it); he will stay doing something until he finishes it, NO MATTER WHAT
6. He has 2 "pusaran rambut" LOL. People say that means he is naughty.
7. He really LOVES PURPLE
8. He loves pets; especially hamsters, rabbits. But unfortunately no one can take care of them in my home :/
9. And yeah, I admit it. He is so cute.

Okay, that's ILHAM. If you want to know more, just come to my house then ;D

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